Cord + Iron Candles

Cord + Iron Candles

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Designed for a Second Life

These candles are designed to be repurposed in order to reduce waste. They have been poured into a beautifully designed rocks glass. After you have enjoyed its 40+ hour burn time it can be cleaned and used to enjoy a refreshing cocktail or cold beverage.


Candle Info:

10 oz 40+ hour burn time

Gluten, Lead, +Phthalate Free

Dimensions: H 3.25" x W 3.5"

Made in the USA
Made in United States of America

  • Black Sand + Mangosteen

    Tangy citrus and sweet mangosteen notes blended with earthy moss, amber, and fresh cedar. The aroma of refreshing ocean air and black sand creates a clean, rounded finish.

  • Coastline

    The scent of ocean air combines with soft jasmine and lily with notes of sun-soaked driftwood.

  • Warm Coconut + Sandalwood

    Creamy vanilla and toasted coconut top notes blend into rich sandalwood with a hint of fresh citrus.

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