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About Us

Allow me to re-introduce myself...my name is HOV...nah just kidding, its Amanda.

I grew up lacking self confidence. I suffered from depression and anxiety. Between high school relationships gone wrong, to the divorce of my parents, no matter what others told me, I didn't exude confidence in many aspects of my life. I went to college, had a hell of a time, and met my best friend turned soulmate. I earned a bachelor and graduate degree in Criminal Justice and started my career working for a rape crisis center as a victim advocate.


It was a long 5 years but I learned so much and I was able to help women and men during their darkest times. It was heart-wrenching and fulfilling all at the same time and I definitely experienced some secondary trauma, but I also experienced hope, justice and healing. Parts of me became cynical and jaded and at times I didn't recognize myself. But in 2013, we found out we were pregnant, and in 2014 our sunshine was born.


We didn't sleep for countless nights, we fought, we cried, we smiled and laughed at all of his milestones and 6 months in, I decided it was time to leave my job to be home with him. While at home with our son, I worked part time as a project manager for  an extremely pleasant biomechanical engineer who taught me a new set of skills. I decided in 2015 that I needed something more. Something for myself. Something to help me find ME again.


I researched LuLaRoe before I even owned an article of their clothing. The company...its culture...and the ability to own my own clothing boutique just spoke to me. Since starting my own business selling LuLaRoe,

I have found confidence in myself that I didn't know was possible. There are MANY things that I can 

attribute that too, but most of it is because of 

LuLaRoe. A year and a half later, I have been on an

all-expenses paid cruise to the Caribbean, made countless friends through the process, and feel more self-confident than ever before.  


In September of 2017, Sarah and I decided to take a leap of faith and open our own fitness studio and boutique, where we would feature LuLaRoe pop-ups and other amazing wellness products! All to help women gain the same confidence we have.  


I would't be where I am without the love and dedication of my husband, Joe, who has believed in me since the moment I decided to own my own business. He has sacrificed sleep and countless other things to help me get my feet on the ground. We have a wild and crazy 3-year-old son, Cooper, who keeps us on our toes constantly. And most of all, I must thank my family, who has given me the strength and courage to move forward with big scary dreams and helped to create the woman I am today. A rockstar mom-boss who is changing lives one day at a time. 



You know the old saying about love? The one when people ask you how you know that you love that person and its mostly followed by "When you know, you just know!" That's how it was for us, except not in a romantic way. More of a, “we get each other, want the same things, think the same things, have the same ideas, really motivated and passionate about the same things,” kind of love. 

Our friendship blossomed, becoming an unfading flower through every challenge; gigantic and tiny. We always knew we could be more than what we are at any given moment and that’s what we strive to do on a daily basis. Be better. At being moms, wives, friends, influencers, and plenty more.


As some people find in life, our journeys of heartache, loss, challenges, love, happiness, depression, and all the things led us to our purpose.  To love, embrace, and help others grow into their own beautiful unfading flower.  As a result, we are so thrilled to bring you our collaboration of Amarah.  Your haven, your place for all things love.  Love of mind: bringing educational experiences and events to grow your knowledge and acceptance.  Love of body: Learning to love and appreciate your vessel through beautiful pieces of clothing and accessories to express yourself; as well as group fitness classes that allow you to strengthen and increase overall health. In addition, massage to care for, and enjoy your temple.  Love of soul: Finding peace and balance through guided meditation, chakra balancing, pranayama, and the state of yoga….pure bliss.

Our intention is to continue to grow our offering to you over the many years we hope to spend in service to our community.  Come and take some time for yourself and we promise you an experience like no other.


We are Amarah.  Empowering every BODY.



1. (noun) an unfading flower.

2. (noun)The spirit of Amanda & Sarah captured in a collaborative haven.



XOXO - Amanda & Sarah