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Welcome to Amarah! I'm Amanda Osterberger and I'm the owner of this fabulous place. Amarah resides in the Brookline neighborhood of the City of Pittsburgh. My husband Joe and I have planted roots and started our family here. We have a son, Cooper, and a daughter, Saylor who are the lights of our lives. We both met during our college years, where I completed an undergrad and graduate degree in Criminal Justice and Legal Studies. During those years, we went from best friends to soulmates. I honestly don't know what I'd do without him. My career in Legal Studies was put on hold in 2014 after Cooper was born. I had worked for five years at a rape crisis center in the heart of Pittsburgh. I worked tirelessly during those five years helping victims of sexual assault and rape navigate their way through the medical and legal system, but knew it was time to focus on raising our son. One year after his birth, like many women, I struggled with conflicting battles in my head about what I needed. Do I go back to work? Do I continue being a stay-at-home mom? I needed something else. Something for me.


My journey began by opening my own clothing boutique. I found confidence I had never had before. After years of lacking self-confidence, struggling with anxiety and depression, and unhealthy relationships - I finally felt worthy - and I really started believing in myself. I wanted to share that with others. We are all worthy - we just have to dig deep and find it within ourselves. Amarah was born in 2019, after rebranding a former business. Amarah is a space to belong. A place to find encouragement to pursue your dreams and desires. A place to be your true self. <3

At Amarah we believe


in equality.


that we should uplift other women by empowering and motivating.

that a strong community is the foundation to success.

that life should be about balance. Workout, but have the cake and wine too. ;)

that no matter your body shape, race, gender, sex or physical ability, you should be able to workout without fear of judgement

that mentality and attitude is everything. 

that you make your own happiness and joy.

that supporting local, small, and women-owned businesses can change our economy.

in acceptance, motivation, integrity and confidence.



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