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Fri, Jun 21


Amarah Studio and Boutique

Summer Solstice Yoga: 108 Sun Salutations

108 Sun Salutations to welcome summer! Led by your Amarah instructors!

Summer Solstice Yoga: 108 Sun Salutations
Summer Solstice Yoga: 108 Sun Salutations


Jun 21, 2024, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Amarah Studio and Boutique, 954 Brookline Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA 15226, USA


Celebrate the sun with us and welcome summer time! Join our Amarah instructors, Liv, Deena, and Christina for 108 Sun Salutations! Breaks will be provided. 1:11 Juice Bar will also be present with juice samples to help revive you and keep you hydrated plus you can purchase juices to take home with you! Ps. All of their juices are organic and cold-pressed in the southside neighborhood! 

Why 108? 

Performing 108 sun salutations for the summer solstice is a tradition rooted in both yoga and spiritual practices, with several reasons and layers of meaning behind this choice:

  1. Sacred Number 108: In many Eastern philosophies and spiritual traditions, the number 108 is considered sacred and auspicious. This number appears in various contexts, such as the 108 beads on a mala (prayer beads) in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism, used for counting mantras or breaths. There are 108 Upanishads (sacred texts) in Hindu philosophy. In astrology, the distance between the Earth and the Sun is approximately 108 times the Sun's diameter, and similarly, the distance between the Earth and the Moon is roughly 108 times the Moon's diameter. 
  2. Symbolic Significance:The number 108 can symbolize completeness or wholeness. It represents the universe's entirety or a journey towards spiritual awakening. Performing 108 sun salutations is a way to honor this completeness and connect with the universe on a deeper level. 
  3. Marking the Summer Solstice:The summer solstice is the longest day of the year, symbolizing light, energy, and a new beginning. It is a time when the Earth's tilt towards the Sun is at its maximum, resulting in the most extended period of daylight. Practicing sun salutations on this day is a way to celebrate and harness the increased energy, light, and warmth that the solstice brings. 
  4. Physical and Mental Challenge:Completing 108 sun salutations is a physically demanding practice that requires stamina, focus, and dedication. It pushes practitioners to their limits, fostering physical endurance and mental resilience. This challenge can also be a meditative practice, as the repetitive nature of sun salutations helps in achieving a meditative state and can lead to profound spiritual experiences. 
  5. Community and Shared Energy:Many people perform the 108 sun salutations together in large groups, which can amplify the sense of community and shared purpose. Practicing in a group creates a collective energy that enhances the experience for everyone involved. 
  6. Personal Reflection and Intention Setting:The practice serves as an opportunity for personal reflection, setting intentions, and letting go of what no longer serves. It's a time to realign oneself with personal goals and the natural rhythms of the Earth 
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